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Translucent Jelly Kawaii Kitty Character nails | Press On Nails

Translucent Jelly Kawaii Kitty Character nails | Press On Nails

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Cute character nails!

Salon quality nails, sealed with gel! The length/shape pictured is medium stiletto.

Included are 10 nails:

Thumb: 16mm
Finger 1: 11mm
Finger 2: 13mm
Finger 3: 12mm
Finger 4 9mm

Glue not included.

Custom sizes are available, please leave your measurements in the ‘special instructions’ upon purchase if you'd like a custom size.

Any other minor changes can be made free of charge, for example: 'please replace this gem with something else', 'please make the shape slightly different', 'please make them a different colour', etc. You can leave any changes you'd like in the 'special instructions' upon purchase!

These nails are reusable if you take good care of them! I have nails I made from years ago that I still wear, and I know others that do too. I try my best to make these nails as sturdy as possible while still being visually appealing, I reinforce all gems with gel!

Don't see anything you like? Contact me describing your perfect set of nails and I'll try my best to make them a reality. I'll need to know length, shape, colour and amount of 3D deco before I can give you a price.

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Need a custom size?

Please find your measurements in mm and include them in the 'special instructions' box upon purchase.

Benefits of choosing AzureNymph press on nails


When properly cared for these nails can be reused over and over. I have customers that still wear nails they bought from me 5+ years ago! All of the 3D deco is reinforced with gel.

Wide variety of lengths and shapes

AzureNymph offers many lengths and shapes to choose from!

Customisations at no extra cost

Because these nails are made to order, you can ask for any small changes in the note box upon purchase. These could include things like “make these green instead of pink!” or “replace the big gem with something smaller”.

Supporting a small business

Buying bulk-manufactured products means you don’t know where your money is going or what it will be used for. Supporting small businesses means that your money will be going towards food and bills of small artists.

‘I am in love with these nails, they are absolutely beautiful and fit wonderfully. The seller was happy to answer any questions. I would highly recommend to friends and will definitely buy from them again. So happy with these!’

- Holly -

  • Fast Customer Service

    I aim to respond to all queries within 1 working day!

  • High Quality

    I pride myself on high quality creations that will last!

  • 15+ Years Experience

    I’ve spent years experimenting with different products and techniques to find which works best, has the best end result, be most durable and longest lasting.

  • Budget Friendly

    You can create a custom order with a budget that I will work around

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