About Azure Nymph

Shop Owner and Artist: Lhouraii Li

I've been making press on nails for 15 years, and it still brings me so much joy! My goal is to help others find their own style and have fun accessorising. 

I've always been creative and spent much of my free time learning new crafts and skills. Being neurodivergent, my creativity has helped me through a lot and given me a form of expression! It makes me so happy to know that people around the world enjoy my work, and that the things I create and ship to them bring them happiness.

I was housebound (or boatbound?) for 6 years with severe agoraphobia, I'm so grateful to all my customers who supported me and continue to support me! Even though I've been selling press on nails for 15 years, I'm still a very small business so your support means everything to me. 💕

I started selling on Etsy under the name 'Lhouraii's Shop'... very creative name, I know! In the beginning of 2023 I decided it's time to rename, expand my products and open my very own website. Azure Nymph was born! 

I live on a narrowboat in the Uk with my partner (Neton), dog (Luna) and cat (Amethyst). Having so many artistic passions is difficult in such a small space, most of my personal storage is taken up by all my tools and items I use to create! As a result, most of my belongings are hung up on my walls or dangling from my roof! 

If you are interested in getting to know me a little more, feel free to find me here: